24 Ways to Boost Your Productivity with Google’s Gmail

Google’s email service, Gmail has been around for years now and it is still one of the most popular services on the internet. For many people, their inboxes are overflowing with emails they never got a chance to read or respond to. You can use Google’s Gmail as your productivity powerhouse by following these 25 tips!

 Boost Your Productivity with Gmail

24 Ways to Boost Your Productivity with Gmail

  1. Set up Gmail to remind you of important tasks
  2. Create a “To-Do List” with your inbox and label it appropriately
  3. Use the canned responses feature for quick email replies
  4. Label emails by person or topic, like @Mom or @Work. This will allow you to easily find information when needed!
  5. Turn on Gmail’s spam filter
  6. Create filters to automatically file emails
  7. Use the stars, labels, and color coding in your inbox for tasks or topics that you need to follow up with. If you make it a habit of looking at these folders every day then this will help boost your productivity!
  8. Set notifications so when someone replies to you, an email notification will pop up on your phone
  9. Use Gmail’s “Compose” function to quickly create emails and save drafts in case they are needed later.
  10. Schedule specific times of the day for certain jobs or tasks with Google Calendar and then use that time as a reminder when you need it
  11. Create shortcuts with your keyboard for common tasks
  12. Use the labels function to organize by topics or people
  13. Create shortcuts with Gmail and use them in Microsoft Office programs. For example, create a shortcut “Bcc” that will insert BCC recipients into an email
  14. Understand how Google Drive can be used as a tool for productivity!
  15. Use Gmail’s “undo send” feature to prevent accidental or hasty emails
  16. It is helpful to have more than one email account. You can use that second inbox for things like newsletters, spam, social media notifications etc. This way, you will be less likely to get overwhelmed!
  17. Use the Google search function and shortcuts in your mail to find emails.
  18. Filter your inbox so that you can quickly see the most recent or unread messages
  19. Use Gmail’s “stars” function to label important information and follow up with it later!
  20. Use theĀ Gmail posta in arrivo “priority inbox” to stay on top of your important email
  21. Check emails right after you wake up and before going to bed. This way, you’ll get a jumpstart on the day or make sure that what is waiting for you in your inbox doesn’t pile up!
  22. Use an app like Boomerang so that when you send an email it will return to your inbox at a predetermined time.
  23. Use the Gmail “undo” function so that if, after more thought, you realize that something should not have been sent, you can undo and redo emails as needed
  24. Create filters for specific tasks or subjects with Gmail’s filter feature